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With me & thee

Transform your outlook and achieve your goals

Whether it be a garden project that never gets done, the promotion you'd like to achieve or a difficult conversation you want to have, I can help you to discover your next steps.

Transformational coaching takes you beneath the surface to uncover the values, beliefs and stories that shape your current thinking. I can help you make way for new thoughts that will see you succeed in whatever you choose.

Grab yourself a cuppa and we'll have a chat about how coaching can transform your life. In the meantime, I've answered some of the questions I  have frequently been asked below. 

This video was recorded with Liz Simms of Greenwater Coaching we are talking about Coaching and counselling 

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What is coaching and how does it work?

Some answers that may help you to picture how coaching will transform your life and be the best decision you ever made.

Is coaching for me?

The short answer is that coaching is for everyone! 

That being said, not everyone is open to coaching or perhaps is ready for the changes required to achieve a successful outcome. A great way to find out is to have a Discovery Call. This will give you a taste of the coaching experience and help you begin to identify what it is that is standing in your way.

How do I start my coaching journey?

We will start with a Discovery call, which is around 45 minutes. We will get to know each other and it will help us both decide if the relationship will work. We discuss your reasons for wanting coaching and your desired outcomes.

Towards the end of the call we will agree on a plan for your coaching that aligns with your life and budget.

From there we begin your journey of change.

Coaching didn’t work before?

There is a coach out there for everyone, so if you have experienced coaching before and felt that it didn’t work, it could be that the relationship or in fact the timing wasn’t right for you. 

Is coaching expensive?

It has always been my aspiration to operate an inclusive business model. If money is all that stands in the way of you and coaching then let's open a conversation.

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