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What is a limiting belief and what is the impact?

Each of us have many beliefs that impact our daily lives. It could be that you should save for a rainy day or that mistakes just happen. These beliefs help inform our choices in everything we do and can be helpful to us.

Sometimes though a belief will hold us back. For example, “people like me do not get that lucky”, “I am not creative” or “it should be perfect”.

This last one was a belief I held for many years (and if I’m honest, I still challenge regularly). I would second guess my work, wanting to get a second opinion on my projects and this resulted in my boss believing that I was not as competent as I was.

I was devastated! I was coming across as someone who wasn’t sure of myself and needed reassurance and guidance, when in fact all I wanted was for my work to be perfect. This is now something that I realise is rather hard to achieve in everything, every day.

My coach enavled me to see that sometimes, good is good enough, giving me more time to enjoy my life and not get stuck perfecting!

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